Feature of RoomShapoo

1.  You can wash a head even with clothes on!

By spraying water and inhaling it simultanously, you can rinse a shampoo bubble without spilling a drop of water, whether lying on the bed or sitting in the wheel chair.

2.  Only 5 minutes!

Just 5 minutes, you can wash hair & scalp thoroughly with only 1 liter of water.
Throughout the procedure from prepare to tidy up, you can greatly reduce the burden of washing hair.
※In case of the hair volume of normal man’s short hair

3.  Brush head which water does not spill

Spray water volume control by turning on / off the water supply switch.
The spraying water and shampoo bubbles sucked simultaneously from the washing head, they can’t spill in any direction.
It is a patent structure suitable for new shampooing system.


4.  You prepare home vacuum cleaner only.

It can be used anywhere by simply connecting with the home vacuum cleaner.
Clean water and wastewater are completely separated. Only clean water is sprayed onto the head.Wastewater never circulates.
⇒Recommendable Vacuum Cleaner


5.  Head Brush can be removed and disinfected.

The head brush that touches the hair & scalp directly can be removed and replaced, and can be prepared for each individual’s.
The brush can be disinfected with Boiling, Sodium hypochlorite or Alcohol, so it can be used sanitarily at any type of facilities.

6.  Body also washable

You can wash a body with a dedicated sponge.
If you put carbonated water etc. in the water supply tank, cleaning effect can be enhanced without using surfactant.
You can also enjoy carbonated water treatment at home like you stay at a resort spa.


7.  Refreshing sensation to the head

You feel amazing refreshing feeling by the heat of vaporization by suction.
It seems to have a detox effect by sucking vertically.
This is a very new shampooing method with no burden for both of cared person and caregiver.