Q.1 Would water get in the vacuum cleaner and not become cause of trouble?
Because it has a patent structure in which water and air are completely separated in the tank, only the air flows into the vacuum cleaner. Even if wastewater exceeds the limited amount, there is also an suction stop device in the main unit. Please obey the correct usage method. (* Discard wastewater for each usage of 2L of clean water)

Q.2 Can I also use it for a long hair such as a woman?
You can wash by brushing using your palm. (Please refer video for long hair)
Rinse time and amount of water will increase by longer hair than the short hair.

Q.3 Would the hair fall out? Does it hurt ?
Only the hair that falls off naturally flows into the drain tank. It is the same image as the hair that collects in the ditch of the bath. You can feel a refreshing feeling of suction. We have gotten many comments from our customers that they had felt better than they imagined. Please by all means actually test it with your head.

Q.4 Can I use it for people with few hair?
You can use it without problems. If you put the brush vertically you can wash it without spilling water even a palm of your hand. It is also possible to wash with a dedicated sponge. (1pc included in main set)

Q.5 Can I replace the brush? I am concerned about hygiene.
The brush is removable and replaceable. You can also prepare a head brush (sold separately) for each person to use. Also, disinfecting is possible with boiling, sodium hypochlorite, alcohol, so it can be used hygienically.

Q.6 How many liters of clean water can put into the supply tank? How many people can wash?
You can put 2L of clean water into the tank. The number of people who can wash depends on the volume or length of hair. For example, if you are a general short-haired man you can wash with around 500 ml of water. Basically, after using one set of clean water(2L), drain the wastewater, then repeat that process. Therefore, there is no limit on the usable numbers of people.

Q.7 What is dedicated shampoo? Can I use my own shampoo?
Please be sure to use a dedicated shampoo. It’s a Mousse type and easy to conform to the whole hair. It has been developed especialy focused on “Easiness to use”, which is quick to rinse bubbles. It use only safe material that can be used for even babies, and no silicones, parabens, colorants and petroleum surfactants are used. Not only the hair but also the whole body can be washed. Most shampoos on the market are very viscous, and the rinse time will rather longer than ours . So you can’t say it easy & comfortable shampooing when you use ordinary shampoo. In some cases, because of too many surfactants, it makes too much bubbles produced and they could flow into the vacuum cleaner. Please use a dedicated shampoo which doesn’t have any such concerns.

Q.8 How many times can I use a pack of dedicated shampoo?
One pack of shampoo can be used for about 70 times at 350 cc. (1 time of hair wash x approximately 10 push = 5cc ; 350cc ÷ 5cc = 70 times) ※ It varies according to the length or volume of hair and the usage of the individual.

Q.9 Can I use hot water?
Of course it is possible. It is recommended to use a warm water of about 45 ° C or less, to rinse head faster.

Q.10 Do you not feel cold?
As it suck air from the brush head, you feel that the heat of vaporization is taken away even if using warm water and feel little cold. In winter or cold place, you’d better keep the room temperature properly by heating device, or use a hot towel to warm around the neck. Then you can use it without any problems. Do not use outside or in cold places. Using this at hot places or hot season, you’d feel very refreshing. It also helps in heat stroke measures.

Q.11 I am worried about the sound of the wind when I wash around my ear.
When you wash the area around ears, you feel wind noise most. You can reduce the noise if you close a ear using your palm while washing hair. Please use earplugs if you are worried or for the first time.

Q.12 How should I care after use?
Please wipe the inside of the body with a wet rag, and rinse inside of hose with clean water. Use a detergent for the bathroom if dirt adheres to the inside. THIS type of detergent is recommended.

Q.13 What type of household vacuum cleaner can be used?
Please use the vacuum cleaner which has a suitable hose connecter (inner diameter 40 to 32mm) that can be connected to the suction hose connector of “RoomShampoo”, and has enough suction power.Regarding the suction power of Vacuum Cleaner, please use the maximum power consumption of AC vacuum cleaners (or at least over 70% of maximum power) commonly used in your area. For your reference, Supply AC power around 100~120V area –> consumption around 1,000W, Supply AC power around 200~240V area–>2000W. In general, suction power is proportional to power consumption. A vacuum cleaner with too low consumes power may not be able to get a good result. If the motor power of the vacuum cleaner is insufficient, water may easily leak from the head even if used according to the instruction manual, and/or the time to wash up may be long. For more information about suitable vacuum cleaner, please check This page.

Q.14 Do you need electricity other than a vacuum cleaner?
It uses four AA batteries (sold separately) in the main body for water supply pump use. Assuming that 2 liters of water is used at one time, it can be used about 100 times.

Q.15 How long is the warranty period?
There is a half year exchange guarantee for initial operation failure. Please check the warranty card in the instruction manual, and attach the original receipt issued by supplier.

Q.16 Wouldn’t it be more convenient if you used a wet / dry all-in-one type vacuum cleaner that can absorb water?
If the vacuum cleaner continues to inhale moisture and dirt, odor and hygiene problems will occur. Also, too much bubbles may flow into the vacuum cleaner. “RoomShampoo” has solved these by special structure inside of the main body.

Q.17 Would not be the hair clogged inside and cause of trouble?
The inside of the brush head and hose has inner diameter of about 35 mm, and hair and other dirt will not be clogged. The brush can be removed and cleaned easily.

Q.18 Is the water after washing reused?

Clean water supply and wastewater are completely divided, and only clean water is sprayed to the surface. The drainage does not circulate, so it can washes completely clean.

Q.19 Can it wash down hair coloring agents?
It is possible, but there are some that can be drained by raw materials or others that are difficult to drain. A foam type with a short standing time is suitable. For gray hair dyed, THIS TYPE is our recommend. The point : remove the coloring agent to the extent with comb first, and then shampoo and pour warm water in “RoomShampoo” and rinse hair. Please shampoo again if there’s a remain of coloring agent. If you shampoo first, it would be very difficult to wash down because coloring agent would harden and stuck the hair. When you wash hair coloring agent at first time, make sure that the agent you are using can wash down in advance. In addition, please note that it may not fall when other part such as head brush is dyed.

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