Case Introduction : Visiting barber


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    General Manager Kazunobu Yamazaki
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Advantages of Improving Profitability and Accident Risk Avoidance for Visiting barber by Introducing “RoomShampoo”


It’s possible to start up Visiting barber business with relatively small cost. br> Everybody would like to get stable earnings as soon as possible.
There supposed to be a lot of things in trouble when you are doing Visiting barber business.
Let’s first think about what we should do to earn suitable profit.


Sales = average price x number of customers. 

Naturally, revenues are directly proportional to sales.
And the sales will change depending on how many customers and services can be done per day.

For example, in the case of an average of three customers / day at individual home visiting service.
It would be nice if we could constantly have three customers everyday,
It is not quite easy for us to get the customers every day.

One day it’s busy with five customers, or one day it could be one customer in a days.
Therefore, it is important how to shorten process time for the customer each, and increase number of total customers whom you can handle per day.

Hair cutting + Hair coloring + Shampoo
Generally, this combination will be the maximum customer price.
In the conventional method, the total time required would be around 2 hours.
If you can serve five people per day with this maximum customer price, your profit would increase greatly.。

For example;
Hair cutting ¥3,000 + Hair coloring ¥4,000 + Shampoo ¥1,000 =Total ¥8,000
If five people a day, it is sales of ¥40,000.

If they’re single cutting only, the price ¥3,000 x 5 people = ¥15,000.

The difference in profit of ¥25,000 is very large.

However, it is not easy to visit five customers a day.


How to finish process for each customer in a shorter time. 

This “time per customer” is important to increase the number of total acceptable customers per day.

Hair cutting depends on each technical skill, but cannot lower the quality of service for efficiency.

However hair coloring and shampoo can be made more efficient by using new tools.
This is a comparison of my traditional method, and new method using “RoomShampoo” and “Quick color”.
With my new method, the whole process is now possible in about half the time it has been.



With this new method, five people per day became a acceptable work.
If the travel time between customers is shorter, even more people can do in a same day.

The fact that it became possible at half the processing time of the conventional method,
in simple calculations, the revenue will be doubled.

You can accept ten customers even a full course up to the hair color when doing the process collectively at nursing home care facilities.
Even if the set price is lowered according to the customer situation, it can be covered by the numbers of treatment.

By increasing the number of customers’ choices,
we can expand the range of customers from high-end oriented to budget conscious.


It is an advantage that you can easily increase menus with only one “RoomShampoo”.
you don’t need big capital investment.
It reminds me that few years ago I made a big mistake by investing a mobile beauty salon car.

Also the vacuum cleaner used with “RoomShampoo” is convenient as it can be used for cleaning up as it is.
As well as the hair scraps that remained on the head, I can use the vacuum cleaner as it is to the floor.

As a vacuum cleaner, we recommend you to use a commercially available paper pack format.
It is ideal that suction power is around 400 to 560 W.
By the way, what we often use is this type, it’s market price about ¥9,000.→日立 CV-VP5

Accident risk avoidance

Countermeasures against accidents in the elderly customers who are main target for “visiting barber service” are essential.
Although we are doing service in pride to get customers happy,
but there are some sad news that will develop into litigation problems due to an unexpected accident.


Risk①Risk of transfer from wheelchair

It’s very risky to transfer elderly from wheelchair to other place if you don’t have proper care knowledge.
Accidents at the time of transfer are actually occurring nationwide, and responsibility may be questioned.
Therefore, there seems to be a lot of salons who have given up accepting hair cutting orders
from customers using wheelchairs.

If you use “RoomShampoo”,
Hair cutting → Hair coloring → shampoo will be possible without transferring from wheelchair.
There is no burden on each other and it is safe.


Risk②Danger due to lying face up at shampooing

By using “RoomShampoo”, conventional shampoo stand or bowl becomes unnecessary.
The reason we are afraid to forcibly lie upward the elderly whose back is bent is
the possibility of becoming a stroke due to dizziness, nausea, headache, in the worst case, due to compression of the cervical vertebrae.
some people are stiff and hard to crouch forward.

“RoomShampoo” is the only one that can shampoo regardless of posture.
“Beauty salon stroke syndrome” has become a social problem to be taken up on television.


Risk③Risk of heat shock.

Many customers take a bath themselves to remove the hair scraps that remains after hair cutting,
The temperature difference between the room and the bathroom at that time has the risk of heat shock at winter season.

“RoomShampoo” can suck up the hair scraps during shampoo and there’s no scratchy feeling remains.
bathing after haircut is not mandatory.


Risk④Risk of long-time treatment

Hair coloring takes a long penetration time, so it would be a burden to the elderly.
It is dangerous to ask the elderly keep in a certain posture for a long time.

It is dangerous to ask the elderly keep in a certain posture for a long time.
In order to solve this issue, “Quick hair color” exclusive for “RoomShampoo” will be on sale soon. It can be penetrated hair within 5 minutes, and wash down easily by “RoomShampoo”.

Only “RoomShampoo” can solve these risks and issues.



・By using “RoomShampoo”, there’s a chance to expand the revenue up to the double.
・Reduce the risk of accidents, allowing shampooing to customers.